The Creative Eye Seeks in the Periphery

SRCZ Magazine has been about many things during its life but one thing that doesn’t change, despite numerous changes of logo, name, direction, colour, URL and even identity (mostly at the whim of it’s confused but beautiful creator) is a love of creativity in all senses. There are many reasons why people create words and when done properly said “words” can affect people in many ways.

To the seeker, they can be a destination.

To the artist, they can be an inspiration.

To the inspired, they can be a revelation.

To the writer, they can be a motivation.

To the speaker, they can be an expression.

To the triggered, they can be an emotion.

To the angered, they can be an apology.

To the empowered, they can be a call to arms

To the reader, they can be… many things.

This new incarnation of SRCZ Magazine intends to be a more simple creature. It will look to the periphery before it looks to the centre. That is to say, the world has developed a lot and the periphery is now more visible than ever whilst the centre is getting ever more lost as it drowns in the sound of a multitude of voices. The periphery itself is a debatable concept.

With the advent of people powered campaigns, crowdfunding and personal investments in concepts and creations the future can and no doubt will be very different. When this very project started blogging was still not a high profile thing and now, well, ‘blogger’ can be a dismissive term. But that’s wrong - you can take any word and make it positive again and that is true also of the word 'blogger'. .

This incarnation is seeking to cast an eye to creativity that is truly independent, inspirational and above all beautiful. We want not only to look but also to foster creative industry at whatever level we can. To this end we will launch some new projects designed to connect to the reader who also lives in the outside world. Sure, it great to share someone’s work by digital means but we can also make creativity happen with gigs, gatherings and other forums.

To conclude, we welcome you to this new journey and it’s a journey that isn’t rushing, take out coffee in hand. This journey will be a considered one working over a well brewed French press and if that sounds pretentious,so be it. We’ll be launching a crowdfunder campaign and also a Patreon in the near future so please consider supporting this journey.

Many thanks,

Team SRCZ. 

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