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Mind Music #2 : hatis noit - Illogical Dance

The human voice is something we often take for granted. It is something so simple yet incredibly complex simultaneously. One tone can evoke so many different meanings for so many people and it’s certainly an underlying reason why Illogical Dance is so effective as a recording. 

The Japanese experimental music scene is deservedly well regarded and Illogical Dance is an especially multi-influenced and multi-faceted product of said cauldron of sound. Released first as a domestic limited issue, it’s global exposure came in the form of an Erased Tapes release. If any label could match this artist’s music it is certainly this one and although it’s not an easy listen by any means (in the most positive  of connotations) there is a real sense of raw beauty to be found in the uncompromising soundscape.
Perhaps like their inspirational roots, these recordings have a spine chilling edge in many ways but this discomfort is almost comforting, evoking the kind of images in the mind's eye that fil…

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