Music Review//The Mojo Fins - The Spirit EP

The Mojo Fins release their new E.P. the aptly titled Spirit E.P. and Seba Rashii Culture reviews it.

Music Review//The Mojo Fins - The Spirit EP
With a polished yet subtle production this quietly satisfying E.P. from The Mojo Fins is a listen peppered with atmosphere and tension. Opener Sweet Spirit is a delicately played, understated acoustic lead song that talks of the titular sweet spirit being somehow present and at just under five minutes it makes its case well, lingering gently in the back ground like some nocturnal lullaby. 

This is followed by the equally serene Palace of Memory, with a chorus that lifts the volume only slightly yet stands out enough to stick in your mind well after your first listen. With imagery sure to inspire the intrepid amongst us it’s a definite highlight. K2 takes the same delicately plucked guitar strings and atmospheric vocals and keeps the ears interested with an atmospheric sting that invokes the kind of nights that linger in your memory for a long time.

The E.P. is rounded off with When I Go, opening with an almost choral mix of keys and vocals that impresses indeed.  The closing minute of the song is the best moment with the band coming together to produce the perfect final to this understated yet impressive E.P. Seek it out and enjoy it in the evening with your favourite person. 

Review by Seba Rashii Culture. 

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