Preview // For The Love of St Lukes - An Exhibition by Love ArtUK

What’s not to Love? Love ArtUK returns with a new exhibition in collaboration the Bombed Out Church in Liverpool.

Following a popular show for Valentine’s Day earlier this year, and preceding his second appearance at Wirral Earth Fest, urban artist Love ArtUK is back with a show that celebrates the much loved St Lukes Church, also known as The Bombed Out Church, from Saturday 30th August.

Look for Signs of Love about the area of Liverpool’s Bold Street as Love Artuk puts on another of his always uplifting exhibitions for St Luke's (the bombed out) Church. Jay Wheeler, Love ArtUK originator, is working with Ambrose Reynolds, formerly of Urban Strawberry Lunch and overseer of the project Leona Harris to celebrate the beloved bombed out church space with some excellent art.

The installation entitled ‘For the Love of St. Luke's’ takes inspiration from one of the artist’s 3D pieces 'Love Street' “Love is a journey with its ups and downs. In order to get where we want to be we need to notice the signs. Actually... see signs, take notice! Love is a fantastic thing but you've got to read the negatives and positives and use them for your direction." Said the artist.

Several 3-D works with some familiar graphics and additional new pieces displayed throughout the pronounced setting of St Luke's will create a tour of insight and thought provoking art around the already remarkable landmark that dominates the skyline when you look down Bold Street. Love ArtUK will be doing master classes during the exhibition which encourage interaction with art geared towards the young and young at heart. What's not to Love?

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