On The Scene//The Big House Single Launch

The Kazimier is well known for it's excellent gigs and the night that The Big House filled the venue with more than a little help from Emily and the Faves and The Flamin' Maimies was another such treat. Needless to say, Seba Rashii Culture was there!

The air was good on a breezy yet bright Saturday evening and our walk over to the ever creative Wolstenholme Square, home to the Kazimier was filled with similar thoughts. And it's no wonder with a line up that oozed class this single launch for The Big House was something to genuinely savour. 

Perhaps typifying the ethos of 'all killer no filler' a whiskey guzzling Emily Lansley took to the stage with her Faves for the night and delivered a show filled with their usual psychedelic rock gems. We've seen the Faves previously and their set tonight was just as thrilling as the last time with favorites 'So Long Sucker' and 'Darth' appearing along side newer tracks 'Failed to Realise'  and the excellent 'This Time' and scream imbued ' Rain'. A good start then to the night!

Following a short but energetically sound tracked interlude the Flamin Maimies took their legendarily cheeky place on the stage and lit up the already bright venue with their excellent Jazz and country inspired music. With their cheeky on stage banter and occasional seaside postcard humor, ("Has anyone got a kazoo" they inquired at one point in the evening with eye brows fully raised.) they entertained easily, inciting laughter, dance and smiles in the crowd easily with songs inspired by cow boys, kazoos and much more besides. Needless to say, had I been in possession of a kazoo they would have had it!

The last band of the night was what everyone had been waiting for and the venue suddenly seemed a lot fuller than it had moments before. With little announcement The Big House took to the stage amid cheers from the amassed crowd and with some fierce bars from Paul Molloy's guitar the show was begun. Launching straight into Canyon Home in the Sun the atmosphere in the venue was already rising to jubilant a few chords in. Looking and sounding as good as ever in all departments they were joined by a full band and a horn section that considerably filled out their acoustic sound. There were highlights aplenty with the ear catching Lover Come Back to Me and Silver and Gold impressing particularly. 

All round then this was definitely the place to be and if you weren't at The Kazimier then you truly missed an excellent night!

Words and Images by Sebastian Gahan. 

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