Music Review//Terry Emm::Gently

Ah, Christmas songs. You either love them or hate them. But once in a while a song comes alike that is just on the right side of whimsy and heart warming enough that it doesn't give you seasonal ear ache. Terry Emm's new single Gently aims to be just that and hits the right spot for our reviewer. 

When the music video first appeared it was a wondrous occasion for sure. And despite the fact there's now millions of them at the tips of our fingers it's not always that they captivate you so perfectly. The video for Gently is one that makes the song even more beautiful. You could easily listen to the song on your portable device of choice but the white flurry that falls around as an animated Emm makes his way on some mysterious journey face all a smiling makes it an even more potent moment.

And it has to be said that the Christmas song is something that many have tried their hand at and come off looking less than bright and snowy afterwards but in Emm's case it's the opposite. It's refreshing to hear a seasonal song that has the quality and artistry as well as the spirit of the season in perfect formation. I'm sure many will agree with the resistance when the appearance of Christmas songs on the radio is mentioned but if there were songs like Gently it would surely be a different story.

With snow, melodic hope and keys to evoke that familiar winter spirit of celebration you really should turn off the usual Christmas playlist suspects and listen to Gently instead!

Reviewed by Sebastian Gahan. 

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