Music Video//Billy Vincent - Dead Mans Shoes

It's rare to come across music as soulful yet casual as that of Billy Vincent and this is so with the latest single taken from the album. Dead Man’s Shoes revolves around the intriguing lyrics of ‘if I was a preacher, I’d get Jesus to meet ’cha’ and putting the playfully sinister wordage aside it’s accompanied by a suitably playful performance video well worth a watch for the chance to see the bands excellent fashion taste truly shine...

The bands folk inspired sound is shown to full effect on the infectious Dead Man's Shoes and it's a fun watch and if the visuals are anything to go by the band were having a good time as well! Read our review of the album the song is taken from below!

“Opener Dead Man's Shoes is deceptive in its country styled opener and lyrics that point to the complexities of modern life yet hang themselves on musical walls that seem to hark from some other time. It's rare to come across music as soulful yet casual and this is so with the rest of the record too. The Celtic folk influence on The Wayward Fall In Line is at first jarring yet settles into a kind of perfect sense that informs it sea shanty like chorus.” Read More

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