Music Video//The Big House - Canyon Home in the Sun

With the sunshine deciding to run away with the circus this summer it seemed all was lost. That is until we heard The Big House's addictive single Canyon Home in the Sun...

Directed by Mark McNulty the video matches the sunny atmos of the song perfectly as we see Paul Molloy cross a  graffiti strewn bridge to make way to a pint in a local pub and some letter writing. It's not long before we see the duo on in a sunny setting twirling umbrellas and playing music with a smile on their faces. When they walk off into the distance at the videos climax it's surely into a place where the titular sun shines brightly. Read our review of the single below. 

“With the ever stylish duo on the cover, playing music on a guitar in a well lit studio apartment the ethos of keeping the music in a physical format is well executed indeed. In its acoustic form Canyon Home in the Sun is a sunny tribute to good times in the sunshine fleshed out with horns, bass and drums for this Americana flavored slice of sunshine" Read more.

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