Album Review//Paul Carrack - Good Feeling

Paul Carrack has a history of excellence and it's no fluke therefore that his latest release Good Feeling, a soul inspired stew of warm vocals and excellent songwriting, is well worth a listen. His fourteenth solo album on top of his various collaborations with many well known faces including Mike and the Mechanics, Squeeze and many more it's reviewed with open ears by Seba Rashii Culture.

Music Review//Paul Carrack - Good Feeling

As it's title suggests this is an album easy on the ears and heavy on the soul. That is, the blue-eyed soul that makes this release such a kick back with your favorite beverage prospect. In fact despite the occasional dark tones in the production it's the ideal replacement for the missing in action good weather in tone and sheer warmth of production. Taking it's inspiration from soul music, there are melodic keys aplenty and wistful harmonica lines and some big band horns too to make the mix even more potent. But the highlight has to be the vocals of the man himself Paul Carrack.

On tracks such as the delightfully funky Marmalade Moon the ease in which he delivers the words is apparent immediately and considering the title it's a perfect match. Nothing Without You takes a more modern approach in it's delivery as it opens, with bass and percussion aplenty to keep you moving but it's chorus is where the true gold is struck as it's emotive title takes on full meaning. On Make it Right as well there's a shiny production to match the soulful lyrics from Carrack and it's minimalist backing is perfect bringing a depth that only four decades of songwriting can truly bring.

Other highlights include I Can Hear Ray with it's addictive chorus and song defining sax solo easily impressing. The gorgeous I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love is also a defining moment, on which the mission statement to create a fresh, upbeat sound is perfectly realized  with Carrack's performance impressing on every level. Indeed, much of the album could be held up as a must listen and we'd urge you to do so soon!

Reviewed by Sebastian Gahan. 

Good Feeling is released September 24th on Carrack UK. 

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