Album Review//Van Susans - Paused in the Moment

A couple of months ago we reviewed Van Susan's single Bricks Not Sticks or Stone and enjoyed it so when we heard news of the album that houses it coming out we just had to listen...

Album Review//Van Susans - Paused in the Moment
Opening with the melodic first single Bricks Not Sticks or Stones, the Van Susans' latest album Paused in the Moment is on a steady track.  With an albums worth of warmly produced and melodic yet never repetitive emotive anthems it's a listen that warrants repeated enjoyment. 

As well as the aforementioned opener we have highlights in the form of What It Is To Lose, with it's bass line sticking in your head before the vocals have even begun, and the nicely subdued Rat Race, taking the listener on a life's journey over it's near five minutes. 
It's the emotive, message packed songs that pack the biggest punch here and the latter's lyric 'it's a rat race and everybody's out to win' is one of those moments. No tinted shades here, just the straight ahead words of the band. 

The lighter moments are there too, of course, and Notice Me, with it's subtle backing and everybody's been there story is an appealing listen. Piano chords inflect the powerful If I Succeed and although it's essentially a ballad, it never stretches the point too far, using it's subtle, string enhanced production to weave a sophisticated musical scene. But as the end of the album nears we get the excellent Served Cold, taking a Celtic rock influence and impressive guitar line and making a powerful listen in the process. 

Paused in the Moment is perhaps an album that knowingly takes the listener on a journey from the stripped back emotions of an acoustic guitar or the bare chords of a piano to a concoction of subtle yet smooth production and lyrics that bare close attention to the booklet more than most. Whichever aspect of the album you find the most endearing, it's a listen that we'd recommend heartily!

Reviewed by Sebastian Gahan. 

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