Call Out//Mello, Goodbye?

The following press release was recently received by Seba Rashii Culture. We can add no more, this says all you need to know...

Mello, Goodbye?
Stop Liverpool Council From Closing MelloMello

Liverpool City Council is set to force MelloMello CIC, one of the city's most creative and community focussed social enterprises out of business.
By denying the not-for-profit, Community Interest Company of ANY business rates relief and demanding annual rates of £30,000.00, Liverpool Council is ensuring the demise of MelloMello and all it provides for the City.

MelloMello is a fiercely independent

 Liverpool business set up and run for many years solely by volunteers. Due to the continued support of its customers MelloMello has grown into a business supporting upwards of 20 employees, housing several local creative businesses and provides a platform for hundreds of local Liverpool artists & performers to hone their craft. MelloMello is a beloved business, founded on hard work and dedication with no funding, investment or sponsorship, operating out of a previously derelict building, it has grown into a viable social enterprise and an integral element of Liverpool's artistic, creative and musical culture.

As a City which prides itself on its cultural heritage, Liverpool Council's decision to force MelloMello, a company dedicated to the promotion of local artistic endeavours, into administration sends a clear message of continued cultural indifference and a blatant lack of desire to support the city's grassroots artists, musicians and creative businesses.

MelloMello MUST be saved and it is important that Liverpool City Council are put straight immediately. Despite no change in the nature of operations at MelloMello and the company's continued obligation to the local community, Liverpool City Council have unexpectedly taken away MelloMello's 80% discretionary rates relief with no justification offered other than the Council's lack of control and efficiency with its own budget. The Council refuses to acknowledge that it's advice for MelloMello to “increase revenue” will result in the members of the local community the company was set up to serve being priced out of the market without vital facilities and services. MelloMello easily meets the majority of the Council's criteria for award rates relief and has received relief for the past two years, and yet the council will not enter into a discussion as to why MelloMello no longer qualifies other than it not being a “high priority”.

MelloMello is calling on everyone with a passion for local music & arts, a love of the local independent businesses which make this city shine or a belief that daring to do things differently does not need to end in defeat to tell Liverpool City Council that they are wrong to force MelloMello out of business, and that local artistic endeavours and independent businesses need to be nurtured and preserved.

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