Eyes On The Box// Doctor Who - The Angels Take Manhattan

It's the end on a few counts this week, not least for the characters who have been with the Eleventh Doctor since he crash landed into a garden back in the Fifth season opener The Eleventh Hour... (Spoilers Ahead)

The film noir pre credits sequence offered up the wisdom that New York is "the city of a million stories - and half of them haven't happened yet" and in the context of this the episode was a success on many levels. As the end of an era for the show, with the departure of the Ponds the main hinge of the drama, it had to be shocking, emotional and above all scary. 

As to whether it was shocking was entirely up to whether you avoided all mention of the show on the internet and had no idea of the leads departure but in the emotional stakes it was right up there. The faux happy ending gave even more punch to the sudden departure of the Ponds and just for once it was nice to see the proverbial bad guys walk off victorious, having taken by stealth the biggest prize that can be had - family. It was a maturely handled close, that will no doubt have the internet buzzing forever and a day.

Of course, the much heralded Weeping angels were as scary as ever, thankfully restored to their evil ways for this episode, and the Angel's den in Manhattan was an appropriately eerie location to zap their unsuspecting victims to. This first part of the seventh season has flown by with an unusually good run of excellence, dalliances with dinosaurs aside, and with the ever entertaining River Song still in the mix there looks to be more to sink the teeth into when the series returns for the annual Christmas Special introducing the new companion played by Jenna Louise Coleman. 

Reviewed by Seba Rashii Culture.

Eyes On The Box will back in Who mode at Christmas but with the imminent return of Red Dwarf  and other treats along the way look out for more very soon!

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