Eyes On The Box// Doctor Who - Dinosaurs On A Spaceship

Did you see that dinosaur? That dinosaur chasing us down the corridor of a vast spaceship? No? Well, we're guessing you have not seen the second episode of Doctor Who's seventh season, the somewhat literally titled Dinosaurs On A Spaceship. 

Before we go on, there may be spoilers ahead if your eyes weren't on the proverbial box at the time of broadcast so don't blame us if your enjoyment is spoiled by our review. Really, don't. We have issues about that kind of thing and we may have to assemble the giant robot compressed handily into our tea cupboard. Now, to the review!

So what were you expecting? Dinosaurs on a spaceship? Yes, the title says it all really and there were genuinely dinosaurs on a spaceship. But what of the action such an intriguing concept could bring? Needless to say, there was Triceratops riding, Pteradactyl attacks and a sleeping T-rex. All the favorites then, and with an extended assortment of companions to boot it all looked set to be excellent.

But as ever Doctor Who is an experience rather than a literary meeting and even if there were obvious flaws in the episode it's still a fun watch, packing in camp robots, Egyptian Queens, hunters and a genuinely effective villain in Solomon (somewhat muted perhaps, but this is pre-watershed after all) with a line in nuances that transcends the kids element that took over this week. The scene where he mentions 'breaking in' Nefertiti was a welcome adult element, along side his morally unexpected fate at the end of the episode that will no doubt have the hardcore fans filling forums everywhere with their discontent

In other areas it was an alright episode, not one to consider with too much seriousness, and as the comedy episode it did it's job. The innuendo was unexpected and actually managed to work quite well despite it being one of the oldest tricks in the book for raising a laugh. Of course following the darkness of last weeks Asylum of the Daleks this episode was always going to feel flat but despite the chances of it all going wrong it still advanced the story, making Amy and Rory seem even more distant from their once traveling companion and paving the way for their departure in a few episodes time. 

What will next week bring? Cyborgs and gunslinger apparently... can't wait!

Reviewed by Seba Rashii Culture. 

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