Eyes On The Box//Doctor Who - Asylum of the Daleks.

So after eight months of fervent waiting and desperate fans hankering for a glimpse of some new Doctor Who - it came last night. Figures released at the time of writing reveal that just over 6.5 million viewers huddled round their large television screen to welcome back one of the BBC's best loved (now and eternally, it seems) shows. Opening up a new feature for Seba Rashii Culture we decided a mob of mad Daleks was a good starting point for our television reviews. 


After the long wait there must have been some very excited faces on show when the opening image of a dalek effigy greeted them. The dark voice over that opened the narrative gelled the dark tone of last seasons closing scenes well and the appearance of a planet last seen many years ago must no doubt have had die hard's everywhere in fits of appreciation. 

What ever people may say of Executive Producer/ Head Writer Steven Moffat he sure does know how to open up a much anticipated show with style. Sure, some aspects may have seemed tagged on to a degree  but when it's new Who I'm sure many weren't complaining. Although, it's hard to find the proceedings anything less than exciting unless you are truly cynical, which we at Seba Rashii Culture Zine aren't. 

The talking point (and well hidden secret) of the whole show was the surprise appearance of next companion Jenna-Louise Coleman, as the somewhat manic genius Oswin and judging by the big reveal at the end it's going to be a fascinating path to her replacing the Ponds at Christmas. In hindsight though it was perhaps a twist well signposted at several points but that makes no mater when the episodes production values were excellent, with some creepy sets and good lighting that served to enhance the only very occasional scare factor of the series key villains the Daleks. 

There were also good lines to be had as well, with the main trio interacting well in their scenes and promised mini-blockbuster status truly in place. It would have been nice to see some more of the infinitely more interesting Asylum Daleks though as the 'Eggs' interaction with Rory was highly entertaining, as were the skeletal human conversions making a change from the occasionally over child friendly imagery of recent years. 

Overall we enjoyed it, but next week there's Dinosaurs on a Spaceship. A less hissy tribute to Snakes on a Plane, perhaps? Only next Saturday will truly tell...

Reviewed by Seba Rashii Culture. 

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