Free Download//Ikil Oriion - "Stup!d Retarded"

Currently available as a free download is Ikil Oriion's "Stup!d Retarded" and it's a genuinely unforgettable experience of a song - with much more to come.

Remember the first time you heard your favorite record, how it might have shaken you into a new belief system - a new sonic order where the music you once enjoyed seemed somehow different now. And Not in a good way. When you listen to this New Orleans - or N'Awlins as the band might put it! - You may get a similar feeling! 

This is music to make you move like a funk fighter. Once that bass has started and the drums kick in the guitar and Ikil's distinctive voice will make you believe that the world needs rock and roll like nothing else.

And perhaps that is truly the case as the fun in many parts of life disappears down the proverbial drain like currency. But cast that aside a moment and get into the music that will make life worth living. It's a must!

The parent album Paranoise Void promises to be a masterpiece of Punk Funk and will be out on the streets and dancefloors from the 29th October. Then you will truly find out how it feels to 'break dance in the mosh pit!'

Listen to the song at the link below!

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