Music Review//Sensorites - Fool

Sensorites release their single Fool on 10th September on their very own Hollowhole Records label and it's with open ears Seba Rashii Culture takes in the cool sounds that ensue.

Music Review//Sensorites - Fool

With a sound compared with other local legends The Zutons and The Coral, Sensorites latest single is the warm and very listenable Fool. Opening with a rootsy acoustic guitar it's opening line "I'd be a fool to let you go" leads into a bouncy chorus and backing that can't help but sound appealing. It's easy to imagine hearing this at a local festival and have the crowd go wild with enjoyment as the live performance friendly track  winds its way swiftly and perfectly to its finish.

It's accompanied by a shiny, string inflected remix that brings out another side to the warm vocals recasting them as a chill out lounge electro-folk number that bubbles along with a quiet charm. The remix is perhaps better thought of as another incarnation of the song as you can listen to both equally as well, without a single thought of hitting the forward button entering your mind. 

Check out this Liverpool bands' affecting brand of musical perfection quick!

Reviewed by Sebastian Gahan. 

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