Sic' Music Video Digest (September 2012)

With the realization that the hot weather will never come like you really want it to it's time to sit back on your chair, sofa or zabuton and listen to some music. Perhaps you might want to brew a nice coffee, in accordance with our sacred Coffee Commandents series and place it on the lacquer surface next to your lovely self? If you're wondering why we're pampering you so much with our silver tongues then here's why! There's music videos to be enjoyed and now's the time...

Oberhofer - Crusin' FDR

Jo Bywater - Disclaimer

(Read an interview with Jo Bywater from 2011 as well!)

The Big House - Canyon Home in the Sun

(Check out our reviews of the single launch and limited edition single.)

Stealing Sheep - Genevieve

(Read our review of it's parent album Into the Diamond Sun as well!)

Archive - Violently

(Check out our review of it's parent album With Us Until You Die as well!)

The Smoke Fairies - Let Me Know

(Check out our review of the bands second album Blood Speaks as well!)

Compiled by Seba Rashii Culture. 

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