Eerie Sounds//Oscillotron - Eclipse

With Halloween being the prime season for scares this atmospheric delight from Oscillotron makes the perfect companion for a nights antics and not only that it's excellent as well. 

With the intent of creating 'a sound scape reminiscent of old horror prog rock fleshed out into an ambient dream state', (to quote it's creator David Johansson), Eclipse is a perfect listen for a dark evening of the soul. The album opens with the brooding synth of Embryo, a six minute slice of dark musings on the midnight hour that easily fits the dream state intended for the recording. The record gets moodier with the heavier, gothic organ infused tones of Dawn and continues this ascent on the almost joyous Oracle.

As the longest track on the album it's a key point in the experience and it's certainly a more organic, coolly joyous listen. The analog synth proves it's worth here, the warmth from it's tones a highlight of the whole album. Once you reach Assembly, it's easy to reel off a list of key figures in the ambient music world but that would be... too easy. The melodic sequence is one that simultaneously impresses with it's emotional depth, suffusing a vibrant hope with an impending sense of dread, yet continues the story of the record perfectly.

Once Terror opens with it's ambient keys, continuing the sense of loss imbued in Assembly, it soon grows into a much more muscular entity as the programming ups it's game and provides a chase sequence to end the imaginary movie this music should surely soundtrack. But ultimately it's a watery end for the album as the ever present sound of trickling water mixes with a heavy barrage of clinical synth effects and warning sirens to make a gripping ride towards the end of the soundtrack. 

Indeed it's an album that grows on you just as a film might, with the small touches as impressive as the overall Gothic feel of the music. Timed for release just after Halloween has lifted it's veil from the world Eclipse is well worth a listen.

Reviewed by Seba Rashii Culture.   

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