On The Scene//Liverpool Music Awards 2012 Nominations

The premise was good and by and large it's execution was excellent. But as creator and  provider of the opening speech Ellie Phillips said in her introduction "nothing can be perfect". And indeed, the good outweighed the bad. Eric's is a fine venue but an awards nomination event needs light and oxygen and Eric's is in permanent twilight. Great for intimate gigs, bad for talk heavy nomination announcements.  

But no venue is perfect and the music, mostly, saved the evening from disaster. There were sets from local legends Ian MacNabb, Space and many more besides. But  on the whole the night was somewhat of a baked cookie. Solid top and bottom soggy middle. Band sequencing was a bit off - the embarrassing-in-the-context Mama Mia "Scouse version" musical interlude at jarring odds with the rest of the evening. Even the ever unflappable Dave Monks couldn't it!

Highlights were the energy of Miss Stylee's set, the mind blowing Mono LP's (pictured) set and well earned nominations for Stealing Sheep in both Album and Band of the Year, Parr Street studios in Best Recording Studio and many more besides celebrating the local music scene in all aspects.

 Low lights include the often deafening feedback (A frequent issue in below ground venues though), the uncomfortable mix of genres over the evening  and the tell tale chatting by the bar on occasions almost drowning out the bands.

In short then, an early Hootenanny of sorts complete with cupcakes. But whilst Jools Holland has the spirit of Yuletide to excuse any odd happenings - it's still early October here. But despite that it was still an honorable venture seeking to out to recognize the talent of Liverpool and that mustn't be ignored. Hopefully next years nominations ceremony will be a more well rounded affair -it's almost there!

Words by Sebastian Gahan. Images by Scattershot (c) 2012.

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