E.P Review::XOVA::The Soho Road Sessions

We love a bit of funk here at Seba Rashii Culture 'Zine and when it's mixed with reggae we like it even more. When it's mixed, like the best of the genre, with social commentary, it can be a potent musical beverage. XOVA's (Crossover) latest E.P. is one such example...

Taking an indie reggae approach, with a subtle hint of funk, the E.P opens with 9 Lives, a horn infused meditation on the blessings of life. It's a refreshing listen with a chorus that bounces along positively and holds a message that empowers the listener to live their lives in the spirit of having 'nine lives left to live before it's too late.' The positive vibe continues on the football anthem like Are You Ready, and unlike most football anthems it's possible to listen to it and not notice the team urging. Not a bad thing as the message of the song is one that can apply to everybody, of being able to do anything. 

The single closes with a dub mix by G Corp of Our Generation. It's the most overly socially conscious of the collection, urging the return of the troops and a return to peace. It's good to hear a song with a message such as this now and again and reggae is perhaps the best vehicle for this, being the social catalyst that it is for both action and message. Over all it's a good listen, with the message loud and clear yet never overpowering the potent music. 

Review by Sebastian Gahan. 

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