Music Review::Science of the Lamps E.P.

If you were at the launch event for this E.P. then you'll know it was an exciting evening, filled with surprises and love. The same is true of the self-titled second release from the perfectly named Science of the Lamps.

It opens with the ponderous (!) Duckling Hell, a lushly scored ode to feeling different in society. It's comparison of ducks and swans is almost fairy tale like, stretching the metaphor further with flightless ostriches and fleeing the place they feel trapped in. It's a classy listen imbued with all the mystique and subtlety of the night the E.P.was launched. 

Secret of Oriion is another lushly scored ballad and it's a powerful listen, with Greta's vocals impressing immediately with their power. When she says "I would do all of this ans so much more to be with you" you can truly believe it. Once again the string section and subtle instrumentation brings the song into a class of it's own. It's an impressive opening two thirds but the final Fight For Him closes out the E.P. perfectly. 

With an undertone of accordion and xylophone effects it embeds itself in your conscience with it's direct message of support and you can really appreciate the raw feelings behind it's creation. And then the E.P.ends as perfectly as it began, a unique audio experience that is as picturesque in it's intents as it is bewitching to listen to.

Review by Sebastian Gahan.

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