Reasons To Be Cheerful// Welcome Back Barrack

When Barrack Obama won his second term as President of the United States on November 6th the world seemed to breathe a collective sigh of relief. For all the questioning statements in the media and political pundits trading in what - ifs it was still a closely fought battle.
For many it seemed almost obvious that a win was inevitable. After all, faced with the prospect of a man perceived as untrustworthy by the majority of the public running for President against an incumbent who did a big job is re-positioning the world view away from Dubya jokes and war mongering accusations, who else would win? 

It all seems so obvious now that it'd be a win for Obama, and as I said on this site four years ago, it's like the world has been refreshed somehow. 

But four years ago we didn't have the scale of problems we have now and despite the cheer that a man of character is in the White House (and someone, some where will be playing George Clinton's Paint The White House Black for sure!) there is much to be achieved. If Obama an do it, so can we! So we've made a list of reasons to be cheerful on this day. 

The world can continue on it's already difficult axis without a nut to worry about.

It's bad enough when we do have problems but at least we don't have to contend with a new man in the White House with less connection to the public than his millionaire backers. (If you live in the UK, that's still a problem however.) The white House is still occupied by a sensible man and that's just fine for us.

Music can still make the day.

If Mitt Romney had got into the White House then we'd have been party to some terrible terrible music. At least the Obama's have some funk to their taste and the cool to go with it.

The sheer amount of Play Lists make this an even well worth celebration.

Just type in Obama Victory Playlist in your search engine of choice and see what you get... Music and politics have truly come back together, even if it's just for brief moment in time. 

Because we couldn't resist it:

Words by Seba Rashii Culture.  

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