E.P Review//Apples and Eve - Dionysis

Imagine you're in a cafe in Paris, sipping on glass of wine and watching the most fashionable people parade past your window view like some impromptu catwalk show. There is a soundtrack for everything and we believe that this E.P. could well be it...

The moment the folk arrangements of opening track Dionysus, with it's accordion drenched beauty and vocals that could seduce the ears of the most committed cynic you know this is something to be proud that you've heard with your own ears. It's rare to listen to a song and be seduced instantly, but Dionysus does so with an easy charm. It could be the accordion or even the perfectly formed chorus but we'd like to think it's love on first listen!

Dionysus is worth the price of admission alone but fortunately there's more perfect folk loveliness to come. L'Homme is a percussive song with persuasive violin and perfectly pitched harmonies and it's a listen that strikes gold for the soul. It's the same for the remaining duo of songs as well. In fact it's almost a pity this is an E.P. rather than an album because the music itself is undeniably powerful in it's production and conception. 

The undoubted highlight is Dionysus but the mysterious, smokey jazz folk of Creatures of the Sea comes in a close second on an E.P. that commands your attention with an ease found in only the most subtle of work. Miss this at your peril!

Reviewed by Sebastian Gahan. 

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