E.P. Review//Thom Morecroft::Moon Moon Shake It

A few weeks back we attended the launch for this new E.P. from Thom Morecroft and we enjoyed it immensely. So it seemed only logical to listen to the E.P. and review it...

If the front cover of an E.P. can tell you anything about the artist that made the music it's probably an effective one. The cover to Thom Morecroft's Moon Moon Shake It features the man himself staring cheekily out at you and considering how talkative he is at gigs it's no wonder! Opening with the title track it's a percussive one that has an underlying sadness in it's chorus. The pleasing acoustic funk of the middle of the song is impressive and gets us in the mood for next track Daisy. Just as charming on record as live it's deceptively simple chords pass by with nicely. 

A quieter prospect is The French Girl, a quietly passionate ode to the titular character  and not being able to communicate effectively due to verbal and emotional barriers. It's got a nice flow and many will be able to relate to the themes expressed in the song. With seven tracks though there's more to come and our favorite is the initially smile inducing track I Am A Tiny man, which is in fact an achingly beautiful acoustic piece rather than a humorous commentary.  

The rest of the E.P. is also quite excellent, it's soul searching acoustics and ear catching lyrics making an excellent combination. Well worth a listen!

Words by Sebastian Gahan.  


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