Eyes On The Box:: 2012 Highlights

Once upon a time we'd have said that television didn't interest us. But lately we've reversed that opinion. There's been much to delight us in recent months and some of our highlights are listed below.


The very beginning of the year bought the second season of Sherlock and we were glued from the beginning. It was the kind of television that makes us keep a stun gun to hand in case someone dares speak during it so we can tell them to keep quiet. From the strangely embracing opening titles to the occasionally deranged performance from Benedict Cumberbatch we were seriously impressed. This is television as it should be! 

Red Dwarf X

When television shows return from the grave there's often reasons why they shouldn't have. For the tenth season of Red Dwarf, back after a very long absence it was a largely triumphant one. With a back to basics approach, stripped down cast and more focus on the characters that made it truly memorable it was an excellent watch. The sight of Lister putting out a burning console with beer was truly one to rejoice...

The Killing III

When we first saw The Killing we were unsure. But this third (and final) season has convinced us that it's a gem. With production values to put a host of bigger shows to shame and a cast that works together perfectly it really was an edge of the seat joy to watch. The sheer atmospherics of the show plus the excellent incidental score made this essential viewing.  

The Bridge

Another Nordic Noir show concludes our highlights and it's the gripping but perfectly far fetched The Bridge. The chalk and cheese relation ship between the two leads made for much humour and the clinical portrayal of the murders added immensely to the suspense. A second season is apparently on the way...

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