Life in Easy Steps: 10 Questions for Robert Vincent

With a new album out in the new year Robert Vincent has a lot to smile about. The Americana tinged record is entitled Life in Easy Steps and is a very good listen we can assure you! You can see our review in the new year but for now read what happened when we sent Robert ten questions...

Hi Robert. I saw you in action at View 2 Gallery recently. You played an excellent set. Where else can we expect to see you perform soon?
Well I have just played the Zanzibar with the Hummingbirds as I write this now. And I have 2 dates before I settle in for Xmas. But next Year is already looking busy. Just the way I like it. I don’t Feel I’m achieving unless I’m run off my feet.

You’ve got an album due out in the New Year, the brilliantly titled Life in Easy Steps. How long has the album taken to get to release?
Well it was recorded in Brighton between August and October in 2011. I wanted to take time to rehearse the songs with the musicians who played on the album. Especially as my band in Liverpool, had just fallen apart and I really needed to get it right quickly, so we spent an initial week in the Studio rehearsing. It was nice to get away for a while to record as I'd had a pretty turbulent time during the 2 years or so leading up to the album.

The lead single from the album is Life in Easy Steps. What inspired its creation?
The 2 years I just mentioned. It made me question everything. It’s based around the idea of having a “Book called, life In easy steps” and how it would be impossible as we write our own individual book of “Life In Easy Steps” as we go through life, in chapters if you like. Once I had that song I had the theme for everything.

Earlier this year you were nominated for Best Male Artist at the Liverpool Music 
Awards. Of course for any artist it’s an honour to be nominated for any award, but how did it feel when you found out? 
I was very surprised. Especially as I had only been gigging under my name alone in 2012. I had just taken every gig I could and it seemed to work. Someone had noticed which was nice. It was irrelevant whether I won or not, because it raised my profile massively and I always felt it would help me either way. I hope the awards go on to be very successful and I can maybe be up for the same award next year as well as best album, that would be nice. As you say it is a great honour to even be noticed in a city such as Liverpool with so many fine artists.

What can we expect from Life in Easy Steps the album?
It’s a big warm rootsy, Americana album. Exactly the album I’ve wanted to make all along. I like to think it can connect with people on a level that they take there own meaning from it. Its not a concept album, but it has a theme and most of my favourite albums do! It's those albums I always go back to time and time again……or if you mean in terms of success, well who knows these days?

During your set at View 2 you mentioned getting radio play of your songs. Is there anybody you’d particularly love to play your songs? 
I’ve been lucky enough to have support from Janice Long. She has really championed me and is easily the next best thing to having John Peel at Radio 2. So that has been a very proud moment to have massive support like that. Radio 6 Music Radcliffe and Maconie have played some stuff too. But Bob Harris is great, that would be a nice one and Dermott O’Leary he gets behind his bands. 

Every artist has a wish list for their career, however serious or jokey. What items are on your wish list?
A house for my family, a decent car, I haven’t had a holiday for near on 4 years…that would be nice. Paying the bills….Luxury these days. 

Are there any interesting stories from the album sessions you can share?
We recorded the Baby Grand piano for the album in a house studio just outside Brighton, who owned three large domestic American wild cats. On the day the studio forgot to inform us of this and the largest of the three being awoken by us. Came striding out of the studio and right in on the session. Pete Smith (The Producer) was horrified to see a cat the size of an average dog walk into the room. He near leapt on his chair! That was hilarious.

The Liverpool music is a large one that is ever evolving. What bands/artists do you particularly enjoy?
I’m enjoying The Hummingbirds, Midnight Ramble, Gary Edward Jones, Jonny Sands, Thom Morecroft. There are plenty...Too many…damn them.

Finally, Christmas is coming. What would you request from the great present giver this year?
A platinum disc or even a gold one. I’m not fussy.

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Words and Interview by Sebastian Gahan. 

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