Live Review::Neil Campbell and Friends at St Georges Hall.

Regular readers of Seba Rashii Culture Online Culture Zine will know one of our favorite musicians is Neil Campbell. The Liverpool based classical guitarist and prolific performer played a well received set at the stunning venue of St Georges Hall and we sent one of eager Culture Agents down to investigate...

After a rough journey in the cold weather I arrived at my destination where peace awaited. That is, Neil Campbell and Friends live concert at the beautiful St Georges Hall. The first collaborator of the evening, following a brief solo set from Campbell,  was Nicole Collarbone. The collaboration between guitar and cello created a new world, a tonal conversation through guitar chords and cello that took the listener to a serene fantasy world.

This was followed by Perri Alleyne-Hughes, with songs from her and Campbell's recent album 'Then' to be enjoyed. Her appearance took the audience by storm - the voice I had been waiting for! Her red dress complemented the warmth of the venue as songs 'Walking in the Sun', 'Sunday Song' and new song 'Breath' were received with  great warmth from the audience. This was also the case when Anne Taft performed extracts from Ghost Stories - A Night Opera to beautiful effect, her voice haunting. Carlo Bowry (from Wizards of Twiddly) also impressed with his guitar making impressive musical conversation with Campbell's. 

It was definitely an evening to remember. One that I was happy to be party to. It's rare to have so many beautiful voices and instruments in one space and it's an experience that makes you see the world in an entirely different way.

Reviewed by Boo.   

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