Off The Cuff//A Very Indie Christmas.

Unless you live in a culture that bypasses Christmas then you'll have noticed the proliferation of seasonal songs and compilation albums filling the airwaves and shelves of your local record emporium as we speak. How many people actually truly enjoy listening to them? For many, they come too early and go on about it for far too long. But there must some Christmas songs out there that can be loved for more than however long the high street decides Christmas shall be this year? We sent our primary Culture Agent to investigate...

It seems that the season we all dread and love for a million reasons is back with a vengeance. I speak not of Halloween, which long ago lost it's scare factor, but Christmas, when Satan climbs down people's chimney's and places booby trap laden gifts under our crumbling Norwegian trees. But it's not just men dressed in red that we have to contend with each year it's radios and television stations blasting out seasonal "favorites" like musical machine guns on a present strewn war field. It's not until you spend Christmas outside the UK that realize how much of a relief it is to not hear Slade. 

But a search our good friend YouTube suggests that there is a mine of untapped indie potential to brighten up our Christmas with some music that won't drive you insane. Check out some seasonal slices of joy that I found:

The xx::Last Christmas

We've nothing against George Michael but hearing his voice every Christmas does bring about a certain dread. So The xx decided to cover Last Christmas so we could listen to them instead!

Terry Emm::Gently

When we heard this lovely tune from Terry Emm we were impressed at just how seasonal it was without losing it's songwriting brilliance. Behold Gently...

Jo Bywater::Little Christmas (Chasing Fairy Lights)

Animated videos seem to be the way at Christmas and here's another one from Liverpool based singer/songwriter Jo Bywater. Co-directed by the singer herself it's a delightful journey into a Blues inspired Christmas.

Holly Cole Trio::Christmas Blues

Christmas and Holy Cole seem to go together perfectly. Coincidentally vocal jazz and seasonal cheer also seem to have a connection too. Check out this gem from Holly Cole Trio. 

Blondie::We Three Kings

Ever ones to surprise, Blondie delivered this version of We Three Kings in 2009...

Kate Bush::Wild Man

With a wintry feel but not a mention of the C-word we finish with Kate Bush's timelessly enjoyable Wild Man. You can't help but enjoy it...

Words by Culture Agent No.1. 

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