On The Scene::We The Undersigned - Stankh Invasion at Liverpool O2

We've seen Liverpool's monster band We The Undersigned in action a number of times this year and it seemed only right we should see them again when they headlined an evening of Stankh at Liverpool's O2 recently...

If there was a competition for how many artists can fit on one stage then tonight was certainly close to it. Between the multiple armies of the three bands there was a storm of funk on the way and much fun to had along the way. Bolshy kicked off proceedings with their locally famous brand of reggae rock that seemed to make the crowd grow to double it's previous size in a matter of minutes. As an introduction to an evening that promised to be officially stankhtastic it was a good one.

Next up came the Fire Beneath The Sea, opening up their set with an invitation to wiggle for your life. This invitation was duly accepted by a large portion of the crowd and it was almost religious the way the music got the crowd into such a frenzy. as the set went in the grooves got more insistent, the rap more rapturous and on our personal highlight of the set, Tricky Individual a flurry of arm waving, wiggling and supreme hip-hop funk rhythm action that would take a lot to beat in sheer terms of excitement. 

The Stankh invasion would not be completed though without the arrival of the monster groove masters themselves We The Undersigned. With barely a foot on the stage the packed house erupted into rapturous cheers as a Star Wars cum Prince 'Rainbow Children' esque voice invoked the groove to be activated. And activated it was, with the at one point fifteen strong band giving it their usual rapturous energy and throwing a voodoo groove out to the crowd that was truly irresistible.

It's fair to say that this was a show that is best described in dance rather than words as the number of hands in the air constantly surely attested to. If there was a funkier gig on that night then we'd be very surprised. This was Stankh at it's best, the bands key favorites all on show, Cosmic Warrior a favorite for us. When all the bands came together for a storming encore of Parliament's Give Up The Funk it was a defining moment. We've always said that a We The Undersigned gig is a special one but this was the funkiest yet!

Words by Sebastian Gahan. Images by Scattershot (c) 2012. 

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