Album Review//Dropkick Murphys - Signed and Sealed in Blood

If you've ever sailed the seven seas with a rowdy gang of pirates who just happened to have bought along a complete band and kit to match then you'll know just what to expect from this album. From the outset it's an energetic, salty sea aired adventure of sound and sea shanty like anthems. Indeed, it's an entertaining and affecting listen at times and if you've ever wondered what a life at sea might be like, the answer is provided with three succinct words "mystery, gold and piracy" in the albums most catchy track, Rose Tattoo. 

From there it gets ever more hectic as the joy the band must have had in making this record is evident.  Opener 'The Boys Are Back' sets the tone perfectly, with hints of bagpipes ushering in a killer chorus and drum line. The Celtic theme continues with the bands familiar punk ethos, The Battle Rages On being a notable highlight along with My Hero. The latter is closer to punk than the Celtic inflected earlier tracks and the contrast is a good one. There's a certain essential energy in the raw quality of tracks such as Out of Our Heads and Out On The Town, the latter a celebration of partying really hard, the sea shanty chorus really sticking in the listeners mind. 

The album ends comparatively quietly with End of the Night and it's been a twelve track journey that truly is an adventure for all!

Reviewed by Sebastian Gahan.

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