Album Review//Stuart Warwick - The Butchers Voice

Whoever said that January is a quiet time of the year didn't bet on us getting a slew of must listen records sent our way just as those seasonal thoughts were leaving our minds. Today, the ever buzzing Brighton scene's Stuart Warwick's new album The Butchers Voice. 

There's a breeze echoing outside my window that matches the tone of this record and it's cold one. But just as a breeze is a welcome occurrence of nature be it warming or shiver inducing The Butchers Voice is a record that is achingly beautiful at times but often claustrophobic to match. Even it's upbeat moments revel in a melancholy that puts the melodies into sharp relief. On the epic Birds That Don't Fly the strings and bass behind the deep set vocals set off a torrent of power that makes it an achingly beautiful listen. The off kilter melodies that occur on this song and throughout are art in themselves and it's a blessing that the albums production doesn't overshadow the hushed melodies that characterize it. 

Indeed, the lo-fi, often analogue electronica melodies that populate the album make it  a listen as intimate as you could wish. The high points are numerous, with the subtly humorous yet dramatic Dame Binned Cow one of our favorites. (Never have the words 'call a mortician' sounded so ethereal as here!) Another highlight is Man With A Pussy about, well you can guess. The song titles are often unique, something we love when it comes to songs. Often they allude to some small facet of life or humorous incident that forms the back story and, musically as well, our favorites have to be Dreams of a Tomato Can and The Nail That Sticks Out Gets Pounded. 

But ultimately it comes to the fact that this is as unique a record as you're likely to hear in the first quarter and as well as being unique it's an engrossing listen that swathes you in clouds of melody and yarn that truly make you want to experience it all over again. 

Review by Sebastian Gahan. 

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