Coming Soon//David Bowie - The Next Day

It's been a while since we heard new material from David Bowie and, to be honest, we were wondering if we'd see any ever again. But true to his often surprising form, there's a new album announced for March and a new single at the top of the iTunes chart. 

With his last new album released in 2003, the well received Reality, it's been a decade of rumours, remasters and releases to satiate the long term fans but with new album The Next Day in march the wait is finally over. And we have to admit that we at the 'Culture Zine are quite excited. We've been enjoying listening to the back catalog recently and a new album is always a good way to reassess what has gone before. 

The opening single is Where Are We Now, with a somewhat odd video in which a small cuddly toy version of Bowie and an unknown companion sit before a projected film of Berlin. It's a grower of a video, and the single itself is one that proves that Bowie is right back in the place he belongs. Check the video out below!

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