E.P Review//Blood Red Shoes::Water

It might be barely the beginning of 2013 but that doesn't mean that the music world isn't flowing along as seasonal thoughts are consigned to the back of the minds of most people. One of our favorite listens so far is reviewed below.

The tell tale guitar distortion that opens this E.P. is a prelude to a thumping indie rock rhythm that sets the scene for an E.P. that makes an energetic listen. Opener Red River is like a heavily amplified White Stripes, with it's chorus making every effort to lodge itself in your cortex. In fact once it's short three minutes have finished the urges to "Take me back home" are easy to resist from the listeners stance, as the bone crunching excellence continues.

Black Distractions is that continuation and it amps the sound up even more, with a dirty drum and guitar combo making a powerful listen. The production excels too, with the vocals seeming to come from some dark place that sounds inexplicably thrilling. But for the closer, Idle Hands, the sound is pared down with an industrial production and vocals that sound so close to the mic they'll hurt you. 

At just over nine minutes this is an E.P. that warrants more than just a casual listen and with an energy that would shame many it's more than enough to get the blood flowing in this potentially clod weather.

Reviewed by Sebastian Gahan. 

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