E.P Review::Izzi Dunn::Visions

Just in time for the New Year, this chilled out gem of an E.P. dropped on our doorstep and to find out how much we enjoyed it read on...

The cello is an instrument often mistaken for other instruments by non-observant music fans but the owner of such an instrument knows their possession as intimately as a lover. On this E.P from Izzi Dunn, there's an intimacy that sets it apart from the crowd. The effect of listening to Visions is similar to that of drinking a good wine. Simply put, you want more. It's a measured set of four tracks and the orchestration of the songs is often impressive. 

Opener Devils Words is a subtle one, going against it's titles implications. Downplayed instrumentation makes the words more potent, with lines such as 'the devil ain't got nothing on you' coming off pleasingly mysterious rather than forced. When we get to Picture of You, it's another slow burner with a balancing sentiment to counter the initial tempestuousness of the music. 

It Wasn't Love takes a Bluesy bent and adds a nice timelessness to the 'hurricane' of emotions she describes in the song. Some nice metaphors come into play and set us up nicely for the best moment of the E.P. the title track and closer Visions where a lushly arranged orchestra backing brings a dream like aspect to the alt-folk melodies that easily captivate the listener. Visions is a perfectly atmospheric collection from a melodic muse that should easily captivate all who hear it.

Reviewed by Sebastian Gahan. 

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