Music Review//Groove 8::Curious Poses

We've had lots of great records sent our way recently and this album from US based Jazz Funk collective Groove 8 is but one of them.

It's not clear if the be-suited gentleman depicted on the cover of Curious Poses is aware of the orchestra coming out of his hat but one thing is for sure; This is an album that is truly attention grabbing.  Those with an ear for true funk will be appreciating this record for sure. The soul styled intro number PSA intones that "when ever others let you down, good music will always be around" and that's certainly true. The first track proper is the mellow Candles and Incense, with a soulful bass and sax making this a truly great old school Soul number. 

Certainly, the sax interludes warmed us up and that's the right idea for soul music. As we move to The Stand, we find the funk back in force, with a distinctly Soil & "Pimp" Sessions vibe about it's sound. But it's the force of the bands playing that truly impresses here and makes this a standout piece from the record. The title track follows and it's open percussive funk certainly hits you the listener in all the right places. The moment the horns come together you see the collective at their full powers,with the breakdown showcasing the melodic touch they stamp on their work.

it's worth noting that like the best funk records this is but seven tracks long and that is to our mind a good thing. You can only maintain the vibe for so long on record and after all Jazz and Funk are best in the live setting when the energy of the medium truly shows. But on the closing trio of songs they unleash some subtle grooves like the long form Jazz of Time and Place and the lingering groove of closer Sarasoul. To say this album is noteworthy would be right on the dot and music like this deserves to reach many ears and very soon!

Reviewed by Sebastian Gahan. 

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