Music Review//Fairchild Republic - Arcadia E.P.

There's a sizable music scene Down Under and this E.P. from the Gold Coast's Fairchild Republica is a listen that we'd recommend for any fan of melancholic yet sun fuelled indie-rock. 

A lone piece of driftwood occupies the center ground of Fairchild Republica's Arcadia E.P. and the barren scene of that striking visual is represented perfectly in the music within. The opener Arcadia is an upbeat introduction that sets the scene perfectly for the E.P. With a chorus that sticks in the mind for it's propulsive rhythm and positive vibes it's a good start indeed, melding melodic rock melodies and an indie sensibility very well. 

Stay Young takes the pace down a bit, with some synth and bass adding a melodic base that the song hangs off perfectly. The mood quietens down somewhat on the guitar driven melody of Outside and despite the gloomy tone it's a feel good song that could easily get lighters moving in the air. But closer Running Bear adds some evocative synth to the mix with the heartfelt vocals taking the song up a level.

At just four tracks the Arcadia E.P. is pleasingly well made yet whets the appetite for more from the band, the highlight for us being the title track and it's pleasingly vertigo inducing video! 

Reviewed by Sebastian Gahan. 

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