Music Review//Just Handshakes - London Bound

Just Handshakes have released their new single London Bound for free download as of 18th February. Released via Bleeding Gold Records the song is a percussive, stick in the head kind of song that boasts a video shot on super 8 using film stock from the year the band were born. 

It's inter cut narrative evokes the elated feeling of travel yet echoes with a certain subtle darkness. Indeed, the kaleidoscopic effects are clearly the visual representation of the bands sound. Psych mixes with angular indie rock and it's a winner for us. The reverb soaked production adds a joyous angle to the song with a chorus that was clearly designed to angle itself into your subconsciousness. From the angular synths and guitar of the intro to the sudden burst out of the chorus the Leeds band are surely onto a winner with this preview from their upcoming debut album.

The b-side is a dream like remix of the song from James Hare that adds an additional coat of mystery and electronic effects to the sonic cocktail to great result. You can download both tracks from Soundcloud for free for a limited period! 

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