Music Review//Prince - Live Out Loud

Ever since the 3rd Eye Girl micro site popped up last month it's given us little surprises every so often. Since we looked at the first batch of songs released via the download page some more have appeared that seriously require your ears and soul wrapped around them.

The first was the demo for song Boyfriend, with it's classic Prince drums and funk sound in plain site. It's opening line "Please keep you boyfriend away from me cos I don't wanna fight..." adds a coy sense of fun to the song and it's actually a good quality track, far from the demo it's made out to be. What the sound of the final product will sound like though remains to be heard!

The following release was the down tempo number That Girl Thang, with a stripped down sound that rarely appears on a Prince recording. It's got a nice moody production, the guitar simple but evocative and even if the idea that a girl would run away from Prince seems a bit odd considering his past form you have to enjoy the song for what it is. Simply, a good one!

Most recently released was the rock flavored Live Out Loud with the 3rd Eye Girl crew leading the track and the man himself on backing vox and most probably an instrument of some variety, If this is the new project du jour then it's one we'll be following intently. The song itself is a triumph, evoking the golden age of the Purple Rain era yet striking out to the listener with a distinctively modern edge. We're not yet sure who 3rd Eye Girl is but we're sure they're funky... 

More to come? Only time will tell.

Review by Culture Agent #1. 

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