Music Review//Prince - Screwdriver

First we had a Rock n Roll Affair, then we had a Screwdriver and the we had a set of new songs from a seemingly renegade website. But as the truth would seem to be, this was all the plan. The first four tracks released via 3rd Eye Girl are reviewed below.

Prince is known for being  secretive and the announcement of these four download tracks came from the Purple One's online confidante Dr Funkenberry with a exclamation mark touting 'U Want Some? Come get some!" and we're pretty sure that many did exactly that. Including us.

The titular Screwdriver is a return to the dirty garage rock sound that Prince used to get out more often than his undoubted funk and it's a winner. The return of the famed Princely innuendo is welcome and the fact you can seriously imagine many people wanting to be the screw to princes driver makes it all the more exciting. A successful return to the fray we say. The remix takes a funk approach to proceedings, the guitars still crunching but the extended groove a treat for the listener. 

The brilliantly titled Breakfast Can Wait with it's bass heavy groove and softly intoned intro is another winner. Just what breakfast can be delayed for I'll leave you to guess but all that needs to be said is that it's a listen well worth enjoying. The Camille like digital vocals are also a stroke of genius. The set is rounded out with a remix of Rock and Roll Love Affair that adds some bass and extra horns to the mix and is a pleasant listen that slightly suffers from coming after so much goodness. Seriously worth a listen if you've missed something new from the Purple Yoda!

Review by Sebastian Gahan. 

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