Music Review//White Blush - White Blush E.P.

Regular readers of Seba Rashii Culture Zine will know that we love new music and when we get it sent to us via e-mail, post or angels on wings it really gets our attention. A recent listen was the new album from White Blush, aka LA artist Carol Rhyu, and you can read our thought below:

The laundromat is not a place of wonder for many people, and despite the socializing you could potentially engage in there, it's not a renowned venue as of yet. But after seeing the cover artwork of the self titled E.P from White Blush it's easy to see just how it could be. The functional domesticity of the laundry machines is a striking visual metaphor over which a sea of exclamation marks is placed and when you listen to the often, sparse, barren soundscape of the music you can easily draw a parallel between them. 

Recorded in the artists "tiny" apartment with the aid of a USB mic and some synths over "many feverish late nights" the stark simplicity of the process is evident in the music immediately. There's a claustrophobic feel to the E.P. that gives the music a creepy, almost sinister detached vibe and you can hear the solitary process in all it's darkness. True Luv opens up with it's beating, midnight taxi journey of the soul evoking synth beats instantly connecting with the listener. It's almost not a matter that the vocals are often indistinct and ethereal and this effect seems to make the music all the more effective.

As the E.P. progresses a distinct darkness falls over the music, despite the deceptively effervescent vintage synth effects. This is best heard on Juice of My Heart, which takes on an almost Industrial drum track that is as haunting as it is attention grabbing.  It's an excellent way to end an album and the six tracks fly by on their ethereal wings faster than you imagine. There's art rock and then there's Art Pop, and the delicate key strokes that make this E.P. what it is are most definitely artful!

Reviewed by Sebastian Gahan.

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