Threshold Festival// 2012 Time Slip - Day Two

Last years festival still holds many memories and as we count down to 2013's extravaganza we take a look back at the second day of 2012's festival:

Upon my arrival at the ever buzzing Camp and Furnace I noticed a multitude of craft stalls filling the lobby and main stage area and in a room as (literally) dotty as it is a craft fair was the perfect addition to a festival as diverse as Threshold. In fact the lobby felt distinctly like a very comfortable birds nest! 

But being caffeine minded my attention was headed towards the Bold Street Coffee Espresso bar and following my nose down the alphabet corridor passing (once again) men on stilts, various musicians and their gear being shifted (the gear, that is!) and a multitude of persons wearing animal hats I soon found myself in the Blade Factory next to the Liverpool Live Stage where coffee was being brewed as Chelcee Grimes prepared for her populous crowd of fans whom she thanked profusely at every moment. This was perhaps the most overt teen idol worship I have seen at Threshold and if we were all like that to our favorite musicians they would be very rich people indeed! 

I caught a portion of her set before heading up to the galleries to admire the work on display at HeadSpace's gallery and on the way I met a group seeking the Baywatch Factor and wondering just what that is I asked them: 'We just wanted to cheer everyone up at Threshold because the weathers been miserable lately so we wanted to brighten up everyone's mood...' said Leanne McGregor of the group. Nice, huh!? With so many people at Threshold seeking to brighten up other lives with cuddles, beach ball, music or what have they it's no wonder there are so many smiling faces here... 

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