Eyes On The Box//Jonathan Creek - The Clue of the Savants Thumb

On a cold Easter Monday evening, with nothing but wind filling the streets and the odd bus going past the window in search of the ever elusive Easter passenger there is surely an added light to the council cuts enforced darkness that there's a new Jonathan Creek on. I'm certainly convinced there is and thus the great J.C rose to make my evening a true night in. 

Spoilers may be ahead!

When you see Joanna Lumley in a creepy looking abandonned building you know that something is going on. In this case it was the beginning moments of The Clue of the Savants Thumb, the 2013 Easter special of Jonathan Creek, as portrayed by the ever elusive Alan Davies. As a fan of the show since it debuted way back in 1997 you could say that there was a certain sense of excitement in my living room as gas and rope were used to keep all potential offenders quiet for the full ninety minutes. 

With anything Jonathan Creek you have to accept that there will certain factors involved. Usually there's at least one big country mansion, a well off person with issues and more often than not at least one dead body. In tonights episode we had all of that and some more besides. There was added faux witchcraft, a dig at religion on the day when you'd expect it most and Rik Mayall in a motorised wheel chair. The things you didn't see were actually not missed that much. There was no mention or sight of the ever oversexed Adam Claus and not a sight of the beautiful windmill once a home for Creek. But we did see that Duffel Coat though and who'd have thought that an item of clothing could create such a reaction?!

The ninety minutes went by as entertainingly as they always do and if you look past the often improbable plots there was much to enjoy. Joey Ross (Sheridan Smith) was rolling in the hay with a strange man when we first saw her and Jonathan was sitting in his city office enjoying a new career and somehow it all made sense. It seems time for some changes in the lives of the leads and these were made without too much reference to them thankfully. 

It was a case of something new coming from small components of the old. The return of Gideon Pryke (Rik Mayall) too added the rather surreal moment of him looking down at Nigel Planers severed head in a scene that could have been on the Young Ones many years back in time with sillier intentions. Such visual references are part of the comedy fuelled background fun of Creek are they not?!

But did the resolution satisfy? In many ways yes. There was much to enjoy and with knowledge of the fact three new episodes have been commisioned for later this year it's looking to be a good year for the show. And I even remembered to unbind my fellow viewers as well... 

Reviewed by Sebastian Gahan.  

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