Music Review//Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Specter At The Feast.

There are some records that have the world waiting in anticipation and the new album from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, or BRMC as we'll call them from now on,  could just be one of them...

Way back in 2001 when BRMC released their now seminal debut many an eye was opened by it's excellent songs. It's now twelve years later and we are at the titular musical feast that is Spectre At The Feast. The pensive key strokes that open the album are mysterious in their aura yet if you're a long term fan of the band then you know what will happen once the melodic to be continued coda fades away. Soon we have muscular bass over a dark and angular soundbed and with that opener Fire Walker sets the tone. 

The muscular overtones continue on Let The Day Begin, it's almost premeaval production making the song sound literally thrilling. The listener is reminded of a kind of less self effacing stadium song that holds deep meaning yet by it's chords makes a crowd at one. As we cruise through the set we find many more gems including the garage rock like bass line of Hate the Taste that alludes to a chorus that puts you right in the front seat and at the wheel in ways only music as well made as this can. This continues on Rival, the sound mix going up in the most exciting ways on one of the albums definite highlights.

But it's not all garage rock infused rock outs, there is the occasional quieter moment as well such as Sometimes The Light or the blitz rock powered introduction to Funny Games. In fact over all Spectre at the Feast is an album that impresses, in both it's own trappings and as the bands fifth album overall. A psychedelic infusion of garage rock and angular rock chords that demands immediate replay!

Reviewed by Sebastian Gahan. 

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