Threshold Festival 2013//Escapism at the Furnace

If the world was going to end (again) it's a fair bet that you wouldn't want to be in the office when it finally happened. But just because something is ending doesn't mean it's gone. As I closed my notebook on 2012's festival there was a feeling of microcosmic world ending for sure. But just as a plant awakes from it's sleep when the sun returns, it's the 2013 festival and there's butterflies in the air.

The theme for the first evening of fun is Escapism. If last years festival was another world, then this years opening celebrations  will surely be the creation of another. As an attendee, fans and member of the Threshold team I ca honestly say that the third year of the festival is a shot in the arm of elation and heady escapism.

We hope that you'll enjoy our first day of coverage of the many goings on at Threshold Festival 2013 and will follow the adventures of various Threshold Agents eagerly. 

The places to see these exciting pieces will be right here at Seba Rashii Culture Zine and of course at the Official Festival Blog where we'll be revealing our adventures in the form of diaries, focus articles and more. The important links are below and don't forget to check us out on Facebook as well. (Please Like us as well, if you haven't already!)

Official Festival Blog:

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Threshold website:

See you at Threshold!

From Seba Rashii Culture Zine. 

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