Coffee & Creatives #2: Chasing Infinity.

Coffee and Creatives Interview sessions continues with our second subject, Rob from Liverpool band Chasing Infinity. Bring on the beans! 

What inspired your song "Get up"?

I was inspired to write 'Get Up' at a time when I was feeling quite reflective over the nature of myself and my personality; everybody has those moments at some point and I felt compelled to write something indicative of that. This is not in a completely negative way mind; I'd like to think that the song conveys a message that says 'I'm not perfect but that's OK!'

What's your best experience with coffee?
My best experience with coffee has to be when I'm in the coffee shops hanging out with my band mates, whether it's to discuss band affairs or whether to just kick back and enjoy ourselves a bit. Knocking back one of those Friends themed coffees in Central Perk is a great complement to such an activity!

What's the best coffee you've ever had?
The best coffee I've ever had (or at least my favourite to date in any case) might have to be the gingerbread one Costa were doing around Christmas time. Not least because the first time I tried it was to get me through a particularly sleepy feeling post-dinner hour lull in work.

What link is there for you between coffee and culture?
This answer in my instance relates in a lot of ways back to question 2; a big part of coffee and culture for me is the concept of being able to go into coffee shops with friends and take it easy for a while, take a load off. Coffee doesn't have to be something you can just glug and go; get together and chill out for a while! And eat cake. That's important too.

Interview by Andrea McGuire. Image by Motif Productions. 

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