Music Review//Bored Nothing

Australia has a music scene with much to offer the willing music fan and one artist that recently released his new album is Bored Nothing. Check out what we thought below...

In a world with so many possibilities many choose to follow the path of DIY. That is, do it yourself. In the case of music it's been a driving force that has produced much homebred excellence such as Bored Nothing a.k.a. Fergus Miller's collection of youth imbued songs. There is much to like about the self titled album and when you consider the songs are in many cases more than a few years old before finally finding a home it's a neat connection to the artist himself.

Although he is now of very fixed abode  he was once in the no fixed abode category and there's a sense of geographical wonder and wanderlust in the sounds found on the album. There's acoustic tinged road tales and musings on the various happenings of youth that possibly lead to his arrival in current home Melbourne. The songs, excepting five new tracks, are drawn from independently released cassettes and this coud lead to the concept of a best of album but thankfully it doesn't, although if you could have one you'd want it to be like this. 

With it's cover art that reveals little of it's stark intentions the music comes at you best in the comfort of your own space. The reflective angles of the music often too subtle for the rush from A to B and, besides, this is music you'll want to savour as you do the finest things in life. The sheer beauty and sonic desolation of tracks such as Bliss or Get Out of Here is enough to merit the album completely but there is truly much to enjoy from the dusky atmospherics of Just Another Maniac to the more upbeat Build A Bridge. 

As with many albums that come our way, we've taken our time to listen to Bored Nothing and it was time well invested. An inspiring and excellent listen!

Reviewed by Sebastian Gahan. 

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