Music Review//Cold War Kids - Dear Miss Lonelyhearts

Earlier this month Cold War Kids released their fourth album Dear Miss Lonelyhearts and we've been listening to it...

There's more than a hint of the sort of synth infused ambient rock that gets people into states of higher being on Cold War Kids latest release. Fourth album Dear Miss Lonelyhearts boasts a bright red cover with an impressionistic sketch of the titular Miss in it's center and the music certainly reflects the tones in it's often yearning impressionistic songs. 

There's ethereal howls, walls of sound that melt all else around you and a notable diversity of styles that merge together like the contents of a very good cocktail. Notable songs include the electro bass groove of Loner Phase, the subdued drum and bass ballad Bottled Affection and Water and Power's more rock powered arrangement. 

Throughout the album you get a sense of the singularity of life with it's various ups and downs as seen through the  titular character's eyes. The title track itself is a nice summation of the themes of the album with a stripped down arrangement showcasing the more ambitious production that characterises the album. 

Taken as a whole Dear Miss Lonelyhearts is a compelling listen, beautifully desolate at times yet never less than fascinating. 

Reviewed by Sebastian Gahan. 

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