Music Review//Ragz Nordset - Sleepdancing E.P.

It's been many cold moons and sunsets since Ragz Nordset released a tempting download of this E.P's lead track You Started It All and now the complete E.P is here it's only fair we close the circle by listening it. It's been well worth the wait, we should add...

With a new sound and direction Sleepdancing is a record that lives up to it's cleverly word-played name. The atmospheric You're The One opens up proceedings with an electro-organic ease that impresses in it's subtlety. The balance between production and artistry is perfect, the tendency for electronic music to strangle the vocals not in evidence at all thanks to Mario Leal's sensitive arrangements. This is a common factor throughout the E.P.; the artistry shines out and forms a thoughtful folktronica mix that enchants as much as it impresses.

The story telling format of the release works well, with the clear production acting like a smooth voiced narrator to the proceedings. Of course though, Nordset is the main character here. Her voice rings clarly through the electronics, an audible voice of humanity brings a human voice to the warmth of the crackly vinyl perfect audio setting. No more is this more evident than on closer Sleepdancing, with the sweeping strings creating the perfect finale for an E.P. that deserves many listens. 

Sleepdancing is released April 15th via NuNorthern Soul.

Review by Sebastian Gahan. 

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