Music Review//The Growlers - Hung At Heart

Once upon a time there was an idea and it ballooned into something so mind blowing that it took us a few listens to get into it properly. Of course, that's a common occurrence with music but Hung At Heart grabbed us by the pricked ears and massaged us into submission with some charming chords and a line in rough soul infused songs that impresses. 

The semi lit candle mass that takes centre stage of The Growlers' latest is indicative of some serious mindfuckery. And it's the kind that works, charming you out of your shell like the famed snake from a basket. It's hard to pin down just what's going on during the first listen but that's all the better. There are undertones of voodoo folk, a vaguely off kilter production balance and songs that alternately glare or beckon you at you from under the digital covers. 

My personal highlights are the slightly creepy Salt On a Slug, with it's voodoo like plink-plonk backing motif and vocals that linger just on the right side of serious. The Americana tinged Pet Shop Boys creeps into the mind in the best possible way with a chorus that can't resist a wry smile.  One of my favorite titles (as well as song) is Use Me For Your Eggs, which could seriously be a very inspired chat up line at a biologists networking event. But joking aside the album is full of dark tinged melodies, restrained enough to be deeply good first impression friendly but subsequent listens reveal further layers that deserve equally as much attention. 

Reviewed by Sebastian Gahan. 

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