Music Video//IKIL ORIION - Revolution

With a tour due very soon in the UK, Ikil Oriion is a rising star you need to check out. The latest publicity asks the question of 'What if David Bowie and Grace Jones had a son...' and in terms of creative expression and sheer style you could just imagine that would result in a certain Ikil Oriion. 

His latest video just hit the internet and it's for Revolution, the Gil-Scott Heron referencing highlight of the album, with the rock freedom anthem flag flying high and the man himself in fine form with words that will surely stir the rock rebellion that takes place on Paranoise Void into full flow. 

The video features a montage revolution scenes from samurai battles to the dna seeds of a true revolution. When we first heard the song's parent album Paranoise Void we were truly impressed, eventually making an appearance in our Crucial 20 Albums of 2012. Make sure to check the man himself on tour very soon. His groundbreaking genre blending sounds are sure to blow your mind way into another galaxy. A natural rock n roll high! 

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